Polyester Film
Polyester Film is made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is extensively utilized for its optimal tensile strength, dimensional stability, chemical properties, reflectivity, transparency, electrical insulation and aroma barrier properties. It is applicable for magnetic, packaging, imaging, lamenting etc and comes with good gas barrier properties and chemical resistance excluding alkalis.
Plastic Films
We offer Plastic Films, which are the thin and continuous polymeric physicals. These are used in a wide assortment of applications, which includes labels, building construction, electrical fabrication, photographic film, landscaping, packaging, plastic bags, video tape, film stock for movies, etc. These are commonly thermoplastics and are made by melting for making the film. Offered products can be modified via physical vapor deposition.
Electrical Insulation Materials
Offered range of Electrical Insulation Materials is used in the electrical field for the purpose of insulating materials and assist in abstracting electrical insulators without passing current via it. These best quality insulating items can be used as the protective coating on electrical cables and wire. These are used for eliminating the possibilities of fatal hazards, which can occur during electrical works.
Varnishes and Resins
We offer Flexible Laminates Materials, which are generally made by polyester or polyimide films, by combining polyester material with polyester film and via laminating other materials. These flexible materials enable the emergence of assorted characteristics, physical properties and an optimized practicality of laminates. These materials allow you to work under various operating temperatures and come with capable stiffness.
Insulation Kraft Paper
We offer Insulation Kraft Papers, which are ideal for their utilization in coil insulation, bushing insulation, transformer conductor insulation etc. These electrical grade products are made totally from high purity imported virgin fibers and helpful for conductor making, capacitors, capacitors, electrical insulation etc. These come with adequate elongation and tensile strength.
Packing & Sealing Tapes
We offer Packing and Sealing Tapes, which are the optimal quality pressure-sensitive tapes employed for closing as well as sealing the corrugated fiberboard boxes. These tapes are most often utilized as the closures for regular slotted instruments and are also useful for artist in their fanciful creations. The tapes come with adequate length for offering stability in all applications.
Copper Wires & Accessories
Offered Copper Wires & Accessories work as the electrical conductors and are used for electrical wiring purpose. With their extraordinary current carrying capacity, these are more efficient than other electrical conductors. Proffered with superior conductivity, these good conductors of electricity hold metallic bonds together. These have high boiling & melting points and the free electrons enable the metals to conduct electricity.
Packaging Films
Packaging Films we offer stand as the optimal packaging solutions, which can run into assorted customers' demands. These have oxygen and moisture barrier properties and are resistant to puncture and tear. The protective films are highly applicative in packaging industry and ensure that the packed products are safely reached to their owners without making any damage.
Insulation Film & Paper
Ganapathy Industries is a name to trust when it comes to buying insulation film & paper. Our Bangalore, India, based company supply these material for slot closure, slot insulation, layer insulation and other applications.
BOPP Films
BOPP Films provided by us, are widely used in food packaging different products safely and securely. These films are nontoxic, moisture resistant, and highly durable. They are available commercially in a range of widths, thicknesses and properties. These films is very effective as well as economical too. 
Flexible Lamination Material
Products packed using flexible lamination material are protected during storage and transportation. In addition, the products are also protected from outside agents, while maintaining their qualities intact. Flexible laminates are suitable for packing both, food and non-food products. 

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